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Write your own loan and save thousands $$$$

This section has information and instructions for using Writealoan.com to apply for a mortgage loan.

Starting Point

You can obtain current interest rates and closing costs by utilizing the home page of the website at www.writealoan.com . By entering in your criteria and clicking on "Quote Me", the system will produce a Personalized Quote displaying all the available interest rates and origination points for that day.

Rates are updated daily, usually between 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. If rates are unavailable, please try back later.

In addition to obtaining the current rates and origination points, you can access a full Good Faith Estimate of closing costs by selecting "details" next to the rate desired. This Good Faith Estimate includes ALL the closing costs you will incur at your closing including the "pre-paid expenses". This screen is identical to a Good Faith Estimate that would typically be faxed to you. A printer-friendly version is also available on-line.

You will see that Writealoan.com, Inc. does not charge a standard 1% origination fee in addition to your closing costs like several other Lenders. The points shown with each interest rate represent the total points charged. Points shown in brackets represent a credit to your closing costs.

First Step

Once you have viewed our rates and made the decision to make application, you will need to prepare to write your loan. To prepare, click on "The Checklist" for a list of items needed to answer questions asked on the Quick Application.

In order to secure the interest rate and costs as shown on the website in your Personalized Quote, you will need to complete a Quick Application. The Quick Application can be found under the Write Your Loan button on the right hand side of the screen. Click here to go to the Quick Application.

Next Step

Complete the Quick Application as accurately as possible. Then make sure to "Submit" the application so that it can be viewed at Writealoan.com, Inc. or your local Lender (if applicable).

What Happens Next?

Upon receipt of your Quick Application, a Representative from Writealoan.com, Inc or your local Lender (if applicable) will contact you to confirm the following information:

      Loan Program Desired
      Interest Rate
      Lock-In Period

The Representative will secure the rate and costs requested with you over the phone. Once the Application is confirmed, the Application is turned into the Processing Department.

The Processing Department will contact you within 24 hours. Your loan application file will be reviewed and any questions will be answered. At this time, the names, addresses and phone numbers of any Real Estate Agents involved in the transaction should be given to your Processor. The Processor will notify all parties involved of your Loan Application and Pre-Approval. Your Processor will review your credit report and prepare to send you via overnight mail a complete Application Package. The Application Package will include all Federal and State regulatory disclosures (including a Good Faith Estimate and Federal Truth-In-Lending) along with a list of documents that you will need to return with the completed Package.

Upon receipt of your completed Application Package, the Processor will order an appraisal (if required) and the title work. They will coordinate everything with the Realtors (if applicable) and you throughout the process.

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Writealoan.com.

You've successfully completed your Loan Application on-line! We look forward to servicing you and closing your loan.

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